French Farm–Nancy & Brian Tichbourne’s Garden

Posted by on 13 February 2011

If you read our post about Pavitt Cottage I mentioned that we rented it from Nancy and Brian Tichbourne as they are part of the Pavitt Family Trust.  In addition to this Nancy is quite a well known watercolour artist and over the last few years they have also opened their lovely gardens to the public.P2130017 (Small)

We called round to their place on the Sunday to give them the cheque for our stay and they invited us to take a walk around their garden.  The garden was massive with lots of different themes to it, lovely hide away places to relax in, hammocks  hanging from the trees and even a South African hut to have the odd BBQ.P2130020 (Small)

Just thought I would put this photo in on the left as we passed this old house on the way and I thought it made an awesome picture.  Maybe one to paint later if I ever get back into it!

Anyway, back to the lovely garden. 

Apart from the lovely plants and trees there were also little sculptures hidden in the trees and rising from the ponds.  We even found an old hospital bed and a cast iron bath amongst the bushes!

Below are just a few of the lovely photos we took around the garden, enjoy!

P2130023 (Small)

P2130026 (Small)

Can you see the South African flag in the background on the photo to the left?

P2130027 (Small)

P2130031 (Small)









P2130042 (Small)

P2130126 (Small)

P2130068 (Small)

P2130060 (Small)









P2130056 (Small)

P2130062 (Small)

P2130064 (Small)

P2130053 (Small)









P2130074 (Small)

P2130115 (Small)

P2130083 (Small)

P2130087 (Small)









Happy Valentines Day by the way!!  P2130061 (Small)

P2130096 (Small)

P2130132 (Small)

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